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The SymAsym Amplifier
Dec 27, 2012 at 05:07 PM
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The SymAsym Amplifier
The Enclosure

Another long term project which started with an enclosure of a faulty AVM mono amplifier and a 300VA torodial transformer with 2x30V.


Two mono PCBs of the SymAsym would perfectly fit into the enclosure and the existing heatsinks.

As usual the PCB is populated with reasonable good parts, but no voodoo:

  1. MPC71 Emitter resistors all the rest are Vishay Dale ones
  2. Panasonic FM/FC ELKOs
  3. Vishay MKPs
  4. MPSA18 input transistors (a must due to the high supply voltage)
  5. Toshiba SC5200/SA1943 power transistors


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